Cleaning Service

At AF Complex Management we provide a cleaning service for the common property areas of our various clients. Once again additional services can be added on upon request of the client. Our cleaning staff is stationed permanently in a complex, and the client can rest assured that their needs will be met.

Regular Cleaning Services
• Clean (sweep, wash and polish) stairwells with required chemicals.
• Clean and polish all railings, fittings, etc.
• Clean windows with required chemicals.
• Sweeping of walkways.
• Dusting of light fittings.
• Removal of cobwebs from corners.
• Cleaning of parapet walls.
• Any other cleaning duties required on common property area.
• Cleaning of ablution facilities
• Etc,
General Maintenance
At AF Complex Management we also provide the following services to all our clients. We have a dedicated maintenance division, with highly skilled tradesmen, who provide the following services to name but a few:

• Repairs to faulty electrical light fittings, and replacement of globes
• Laying of new paving, repair of old paving.
• Building alteration and repair to building structures
• Painting of entire complex, or touch-up of areas that require it, repainting of gates, etc.
• Road marking, touch-up, or entire new layouts, repainting of curbing’s, etc
• Water and damp proofing (A&F is an accredited damp proofing contractor)
• General maintenance and handyman services
• Repairs to irrigation systems
• Complex inspections with reports (evaluating from hygiene to structural problems in the property)
Pool Service
We also offer a weekly pool service to our clients, to ensure that their pool is always sparkling clean.

The water is tested weekly, filters cleaned ,necessary chemicals added, etc. Other chemicals such as stabilizer, etc is added when required.
Sparkling Pool

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