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In our industry, the main duty of a cleaner, would be the cleaning of floors.
Floor Cleaning
The methods of cleaning a floor can vary quite a lot, depending on the type of surface, (cermaic tiles, slate tiles, paving bricks, etc.
Cleaning Service Mopping
The main reasons for cleaning floors are:

1. To remove stains, dirt, litter and obstructions.
2. To remove grit and sand which scratch and wear down the surface.
3. To prevent injuries due to tripping or slipping which is major cause of accidental injury or death. Bad practice in floor cleaning can be in is itself a major cause of accidents
4. To beautify the floor.
5. To remove allergens, in particular dust.
6. To prevent wear to the surface, by using a floor wax or protective sealant, etc. Cleaning Service - Scrubbing Cleaning services - slate
The surface area that needs to be cleaned, also influences the techniques used to clean the area. Smaller areas would usually be attended to using a mop and bucket, or a mop trolley. Larger areas might necesitate the use of industrial machines.
Cleaning services - mopping Cleaning Services - Machinery Cleaning services - walk behind
The type of flooring usually dictates the chemicals required to clean them. If the wrong chemicals are used, optimum results can not be obtained. Thus it is important to ensure that he correct chemical is used for the job at all times. You are however spoilt for choice when it comes to chemicals for each type of flooring.